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Good Afternoon Guilt-Ridden Gramercy Mom!

Like many of you, I'm a full-time working mother trying to balance a home, a job, and well... four kids.  For the last two days, my 6th grader has been out of school, seemingly sick unto death, and I have experienced the absolute mother lode of mother guilt.  You know how this works.  I cannot be two places at once and although I have ample support on all sides, I just can't help myself.  I suffer the shame that simply accompanies being a mother with limits.  Yesterday, I spent the day at home with my sickly son, trying to accomplish what I could from my kitchen table, all the while worrying about my Bible students and all they weren't learning about Pentecost and the Passover.  Simultaneously, I felt stricken because I was unable to sit all day on the couch, uninterrupted,  holding my son's hand while spoon-feeding him homemade chicken soup (which I've never actually even made).  I awoke today acutely aware of all I did not do yesterday or the day before... which is wh ...

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Preparing Students for a life of Purpose

In 2002, Rick Warren published an amazing little book called The Purpose Driven Life.  The devotional book sold over 20 million copies and topped the Wall Street Journal Best Seller chart, proving, at least in my mind, that people all over the world are searching to find a meaningful purpose to their lives.  It would seem that human beings desperately want their lives to have a deeper meaning, which is really nothing new.  In fact, in the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon recounts his many efforts to find meaning in what he calls a "wearisome" life full of toil and trouble.  In an active attempt to find purpose, Solomon  undertakes all sorts of things.  He indulges in pleasure.  He tries to find love.  He attains knowledge.  He works hard and acquires wealth.  Yet even after all of this, even after becoming the richest, wisest, most sought after man in the ancient world, he concludes that everything is "meaningless, a chasing after the wind." Today, we ...

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Questions About Creation - Check This Out!

The Bible teaches us that the world was created by God in six days, but have you ever wondered about dinosaurs or how old the earth is?  Do you have questions about how to reconcile the truth of the Bible with what the average textbook tells us about such things? Does being a Christian mean you have to completely ignore science?   Sunday, October 22nd, Newport Baptist Church will be hosting Joel Tay from Creation Ministries International to address just such questions.  Creation Ministries International is committed to sharing the truth about what the Bible proclaims in Genesis 1:1:  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."   Their Motto: Proclaiming the truth and authority of the Bible Their Vision: To see the Lord Jesus Christ honored as Creator and Savior of the world Their Mission: To support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in ...

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God is Not Boring - Let's not be Either!

A frequent complaint among students is that school, or at least a particular subject in school, is boring.  I have heard these words in some fashion from the mouths of my own children on some occasions and honestly, it wounds me... because I love learning.  In fact, I've always loved learning.  I even love learning hard things, which is good since I have frequently had to learn things the hard way.  I once heard someone say, "the joy is in the knowing..." and I think there is some truth to that, at least in my life.  And although there is much less joy for me in say... a math lesson, when I watch our Upper School Math Lead Denise Story talk about math, I begin to understand what the word "gifted"really means.  Mrs. Story brings actual happiness to a subject that is oftentimes considered tedious at best and the students at Gramercy are better for having studied underneath her.  Personally, I am convinced that the defining quality of a great teacher is a sincere love for the ...

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