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Why Christian Education?

As a mother of four, this is exactly what I want for my children.  I want a sure foundation for their times, however turbulent they may be

Praying for a Pledge of Allegiance

I am an educator, not a politician.  I am a teacher and a taxpayer, and more importantly, a mother, which is why I am awake at 3 AM thinking about nations.  Yesterday, in what felt like a rite of passage, I took my eldest son, who recently turned 18 years old, to the polls to vote in his first midterm election.  He was a real hit.  The ladies at the polling place doted on him.  He filled out his ballot like a pro.  He got his sticker.  I took his picture.  I even posted it on Facebook, in a rare public display of parental pride.  He felt like a real American.  Over supper, my family had a heated discussion about Republicans, Democrats, and a failing two-party system.  I listened as my teenage boys schooled me on all that is wrong with our country.  We debated healthcare reform, immigration, constitutional interpretation, and the concept of legislating morality.  I went to bed mentally exhausted, a little bewildered, and legitimately concerned fo ...

Bridging the Generation Gap

As a Christian educator, I am acutely aware of the importance of making certain that the next generation has been taught not only the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also the truth of the Bible and the life-altering attributes of God.  As both a teacher and an administrator, I feel a pressing responsibility to make sure we are handing the baton of faith to the young men and women who are coming after us.   The book of Judges gives this scathing account of the Israelites failure to do just that:  "After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what He had done for Israel" (Judges 2:10).  If you know the Bible, then you know the catastrophic results of that particular failure - immorality, social injustice, war, and eventually bondage to foreign nations.  Although it would be easy to blame the younger generation for the state of Israel, there was also clearly a failure on the part of th ...

On the Edge of the Storm

Horizons are interesting.  There is always such a clear-cut line between ocean and sky.  As I sit here on the edge of Hurricane Florence, however, I find that the line between the storm and a state of normalcy is much more blurry.  We have been out of school for 10 days and will miss another 4 before classes resume.  We have lost a good portion of our Volleyball and Soccer seasons.  Teachers are scrambling to figure out how to ensure students will learn all they need to know about Algebra and Literature before the end of a now shortened school year.  We are wondering how and if we should even make up days missed. And that's just school.  Churches have yet to begin regular weekly services.  Families are still without power or internet.  Homes are in disarray or completely destroyed.  Many local businesses are not yet up and running.  Trash is piled up on the side of every street.  And even the shelves in Walmart look bare.  Recovery, I am finding ...

What Does it Mean to Guard your Heart?

At Gramercy this year, our theme verse is from Proverbs 4:23, which says, "Above all else, guard your heart from out of it flows everything you do."  We chose this verse in part because we recognize that, as a Christian school, we run the risk of becoming overly focused on simple behavior modification, forgetting that the religion Jesus taught was about sincere heart transformation (Matthew 15: 8-9).  Of course, this is not only a problem for Christian schools.  It's a problem for all people in all areas of life.  As a parent, for instance, I have often focused too much on what my child is or is not doing instead of directing my attention to what is happening in their hearts that is causing them to act out.  Usually, when I stop attempting to only discipline symptoms and actually take the time to address the real heart issue, be it jealousy or anger or fear, I am able to help them resolve not only the symptom, but the actual problem as well. Young people today are literally inun ...