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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

It's hard to believe a scene so stunning can follow a storm so savage, but God gives us hope.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we are all trying to catch our collective breath and make sense of what has transpired.  We will be telling our stories, grieving our losses, and rebuilding our lives for many months. We know this time has been very trying, and whether your family evacuated or stayed and weathered the storm, the effects have been difficult for everyone, and devastating for many.  We have not stopped thanking God for His mercy, nor have we stopped asking for His help in all of these circumstances.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Many families are just now returning to their homes.  Many are still without power.  Many are knee-deep in massive clean-up.  Many have friends and neighbors still in desperate need.  Due to these factors, Gramercy will not reopen until Wednesday, September 26th at the earliest. As a s ...