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Why Christian Education?

As a mother of four, this is exactly what I want for my children.  I want a sure foundation for their times, however turbulent they may be

Why School Choice Matters

School choice is defined as "a nationwide movement that empowers parents by enabling them to make the best possible choice for their children's education."  In the private school sector, school choice allows for publicly funded scholarship programs to redirect the flow of education funding for families.  Gramercy Christian School is a big proponent of school choice in North Carolina, and here's why: First, we believe parents are divinely equipped to make the wisest possible choices for their children.  Parents know their children better than a government, a school, or a teacher ever could, and thus parents are best able to choose a school that meets the individual needs of their individual child.  Second, we believe it is the duty of any responsible government to invest in the future stability of the nation by providing for its children's education. Currently, GCS has over 30 students receiving the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, which makes their educati ...